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Gluten Free Easter Gifts

It’s Easter, and all the kids are all hopped up. Time for the egg hunt, the family feast, and then of course the Easter baskets, with all the gifts. But if you know someone who eats gluten free, it can so tough to find appropriate gluten free Easter gifts. And if you want to send gluten free Easter gifts to family in other parts of the country, or just give a gift to a pastor, teacher of someone else, your choices are so limited. At The Naked Baker, we make all the yummiest gluten free treats, and in our humble opinion, they make delightful Easter gifts. From gluten free brownies to gluten free cookies, from gift cards to sampler trays, we have so many options. In this blog post, we list out our favorites, to make them easier for you to find and order. Check them out.

Easter Gifts

Give amazing Easter gifts to the gluten free people in your life by choosing: 

Gluten Free Sugar Cookies – These classic cookies are perfect for Easter. Drenched with so much sugar it literally drips off the cookies, these melt in your mouth favorites are sure to be an Easter hit. 

Gluten Free Brownies – With so many different flavors to choose, you can find a box of brownies for the special person in your life this Easter. All of them are gluten free, and made with only the freshest, all natural ingredients. 

Gluten Free Oatmeal Cookies – Create a new family tradition with these holiday classics. Loaded up with all the best stuff, our oatmeal cookies are one of our best-sellers! 

 Easter Gifts For Delivery

Looking for ideas for Easter gifts for delivery? We’ve got you covered. Check out some of the easiest – but most thoughtful – gifts you can send below: 

Naked Baker Gift Cards – Especially if you are shopping at the last minute, our gift cards make for a wonderful present. They let the special person in your life pick out something that they will truly enjoy from our gluten free menu. 

Gluten Free Smile Samplers – Choose the perfect sampler pack from these choices, including gluten free cookies and brownies in so many different flavors. 

The best part about shopping for Easter gifts for delivery at The Naked Baker? We ship almost anywhere in the United States, and we can even put a personalized message in with your order, at no extra charge.  

Easter Gifts For Families 

If you are looking for Easter gifts for families, Naked Baker can really help. From our boxes of cookies to our tray of cookies, you can find a perfect Easter gift no matter who you are shopping for. We offer all kinds of holiday classics, like sugar and oatmeal cookies, and even some more unusual flavors, like our Mexican Hot Chocolate brownie. Pick out the perfect Easter gifts for your family right here at The Naked Baker. 

Best Easter Gifts 

In our humble opinion, the best Easter gifts are the ones that show that you truly know and care about the person. That’s why we think that Naked Baker treats make such holiday gifts. Gluten free eaters only have a limited amount of food items they can enjoy, and when it comes to dessert, the picking can truly be slim. But with Naked Baker goodies, gluten free eaters can feast on the most delicious cookies and brownies, loaded up with caramel, chocolate, vanilla… and made from the freshest, highest quality ingredients. 

Have any ideas to add to our list of gluten free Easter gifts? Let us know by emailing us or hitting us up on social media. We love interacting with our fans, and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see our cooking videos, our recipes, special offers and so much more. Thank you for shopping at The Naked Baker – from the bottom of our hearts, we truly do appreciate your business.

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