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Gluten Free Brownies

We have perfected the recipe for the most fudgey, gooey, decadent gluten free brownies. Moist, thick and chewy,
our brownies are the perfect way to satisfy even the most voracious chocolate craving. We can’t wait for you to try them!

Gluten Free Brownie Assortments

Indulgent Gluten Free Brownies

The Naked Baker

Our gluten free brownies are made with the only finest ingredients. We use the highest quality, artisanal whole foods with names that you can actually pronounce! It might cost a little more but we think it is totally worth it and believe that it makes all the difference in the world. 

We are committed to using only natural, whole ingredients. That means no GMO’s, no artificial colorings, no artificial flavorings… nothing artificial whatsoever. Our gluten free brownies are safe for people with celiac disease and taste as fresh as if they had just come out of your own oven. 

We proudly offer gluten free brownies in a variety of choices, including caramel brownies, chocolate chunk brownies, blondie brownies and more. And, as always, all of our delicious brownies are gloriously gluten free!

At the Naked Baker, our journey towards becoming the best gluten free bakery in America began with our artisan baker in chief. She saw how hard it is for people out there to find gluten free food options that taste just as good as their traditional counterparts. Even worse, it takes a lot of time to shop for a family with both traditional and gluten free eaters.  You have to make two shopping lists, go to multiple stores, and  search online endlessly for gluten free food. It’s a huge challenge! 

Not only is it a challenge to find the right food that everyone can eat, it can sometimes make gluten free eaters feel separated, or isolated from other members of the family and that’s no fun! At the Naked Baker, we believe that families who snack together, stay together. That’s why we’ve worked so hard to create gluten free brownies that taste better than the rest and that the whole family can enjoy together.

To create the perfect gluten free Brownies, she knew she needed to assemble a team of brownie fanatics. Starting with her family and friends, they started baking batch after batch of brownies in the kitchen (brownie laboratory), trying recipe after recipe, experimenting with ingredient after ingredient. Finally, after an infinite number of batches of brownies… they had found it.  The perfect gluten free brownie!

At The Naked Baker, we are very proud of our brownies and how the people in the Wisconsin area have reacted to them. She just can’t wait to share her gluten free brownies with you, as well. Order your first dozen (or more) right here on The Naked Baker website.  And, don’t forget to join our exclusive mailing list to receive a discount code that you can apply to you very first order.

Be sure to follow the Naked Baker on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, to stay up to date with all of our yummy gluten free snacks and everything happening at The Naked Baker.. We love to share cooking videos, gluten free recipes, snacking inspirations and so much more. 

Order your gluten free brownies today!

Gluten Free Brownies

Every gluten free brownie we create at The Naked Baker is made from scratch, just for your order. That’s because we want your gluten free brownie to arrive at your door tasting as fresh as if it had just come out of your own oven. We only ship via USPS Priority Mail, so your order comes straight to your door. Plus, we only send orders out on Mondays through Thursdays, so that your gluten free brownies are never sitting around in a shipping warehouse over the weekend losing its fresh-baked goodness.  

We know how hard it is being gluten free and to actually be able to find the perfect gluten free brownie—one that tastes just as good as the ones you remember from your childhood.  We think that our gluten free brownies taste just as good, if not better, than the gluten-full options you find in most stores.  And we know how much it means to all of you gluten free people out there to be able to find a sweet treat that tastes good.  We know that you can feel like you are left out and are not able to enjoy the same yummy snacks that everyone else wants to eat. Let us change that for you!  Our mission is to make your non-gluten free friends be jealous of you.  They will be begging you to give them a bite of what you are eating for a change.  But, don’t feel like you have to share.  We won’t judge you because we know just how delicious our gluten free brownies are.  You will want to eat every bite yourself.

The Naked Baker is proud to be an American company. We are Woman Owned and operated, headquartered right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are so grateful for the support we’ve received from our community, and from gluten free people from around the country.  We are so grateful to be able to provide jobs to American workers during these trying economic times.

Our mission is to always provide you with the best quality, best tasting gluten free snacks… including the best gluten free brownie. Thank you for visiting The Naked Baker website and we hope that you will find a delicious treat to satisfy your sweet tooth.  If you have any questions about any of our products, just email us at

Best Gluten Free Brownies

Are you ready to try the best gluten free brownies you’ll ever find? You can order yours right here at The Naked Baker. We have chocolate gluten free brownies, caramel gluten free brownies, and blondie gluten free brownies. Plus, we’re always innovating and trying new recipes, so keep checking back!  We will be adding new flavors and products soon. 

Encourage your local store to carry the best gluten free brownies that they will ever taste by handing them this easy to fill out Product Request form. Be sure to send us an email to tell us about your favorite store so we can get in touch with them.  We will also send them a FREE sample pack of cookies and brownies so they can taste how yummy our products truly are.

Are Brownies Gluten Free?

Are brownies gluten free? At The Naked Baker, all of our brownies are gluten free as are all of our products.  We make all of our brownies and cookies using our own proprietary gluten free flour blend so you can always be sure that our decadent brownies and delicious cookies are safe for everyone who is gluten free, even those with celiac disease.

Do you have any additional questions? Just email us anytime at the Naked Baker:

Healthy Gluten Free Brownies

At the Naked Baker, our commitment to clean baking and healthful, whole food ingredients is what helps us to create our better-for-you gluten free brownies. 

Our better for you  gluten free brownies are safe for people with celiac disease.  They can rest assured that there is no cross contamination with any wheat products.  Our facility is certified gluten free and has never had a speck of wheat in the facility.  All of our products are perfect for everyone you know who is gluten free.  They can safely eat all of our gluten free products knowing that they will cause no problems with their digestive system.

Thank you for considering The Naked Baker as your gluten free baker of choice! We are so proud to serve the needs of the gluten free community. Our gluten free brownies are available in a variety of options, including chocolate, caramel and blondie flavors.  Plus, we have a large selection of brownie and cookie assortments that are perfect to give as gifts or to send as care packages. Order yours online and have it shipped directly to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States – and if you need overnight shipping, just contact us and we can do our best to make it happen. 

Don’t forget to join The Naked Baker mailing list to stay up to date with all of our gloriously gluten free creations. Plus, you will receive a discount code that you can apply to your first order. 

Follow The Naked Baker on social media on Facebook and Instagram – and don’t forget to let your friends know about our gluten free treats. We bet they’ll love them as much you will! 

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