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The Naked Baker


Nothing you can’t pronounce and Naked of all the bad stuff.

Chief Cookie Artisan Sue Knutson set out on a simple mission – to create the most delicious cookies, using traditional recipes with an added creative twist. With the attitude that there is much more to cookies than chocolate chip, her mission began.

She assembled her team of VFE’s (volunteer flavor engineers) and the baking began. Recipes were altered, tweaked and embellished until just the right flavor magic was achieved. Finally, after countless baking sessions, dozens of cookies being sent to school for friends and teachers, and boxes of cookies being given away to neighbors and innocent bystanders, her creations are now ready to change the world, or at least your current mood.

A lot of thought has been given to every ingredient that we sift, mix and scoop into our cookies. We select only the finest, most natural ingredients, free of any chemicals, preservatives or artificial flavors and colors. Every ingredient we use is naked of all the bad stuff.

So, whether you are a culinary cookie snob or just in the mood for a sweet treat, come experience The Naked Baker and enjoy the hands-down best tasting, most unique cookies in the Milwaukee area.

Chocolate Chip Walnut
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