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Gluten Free Cookies

Our freshly baked gluten free cookies deliver a magical taste experience that everyone will enjoy, even if they aren’t gluten free. They are perfect for sharing, gifting, or simply keeping for yourself. Our soft and chewy gluten free cookies have that homemade, fresh-out-of-the-oven taste and will be devoured in the blink of an eye!

Gluten Free Cookie Assortments

Best Gluten Free Cookies

We’ve been on a quest to create the gluten free cookies… and with a little bit of help from our friends and fans, we think we’ve done it! At Naked Baker, our passion is to provide all the gluten free snackers out there with tasty, yummy cookies and brownies that are actually better than the traditional choices. That’s because we know how much of a pain it is when you have to double shop for your family. You pick out one set of food for the gluten free eaters, and another set for everyone else. Not only does it cost more money, take more time, and result in more hassles… it makes your gluten free eaters feel isolated. At The Naked Baker, we believe that the family that snacks together, stays together—and that’s why we work so hard to create the best gluten free cookies you can find. Your entire family will love them—and that means you all will be on the road to snacking nirvana!

If you’re ready to experience the very best gluten free cookies you’ve ever tasted, we have quite the selection to choose from. The cookie that started it all is our gluten free sea salt chocolate chip. Some people call it dangerously addicting. We would have to agree! And, if you’re a chocolate lover, we also offer the decadent chocolate chocolate (yes, that’s not a typo – we said chocolate twice!) and the monster cookie, which is just chock full of all of the goodness that peanut butter, oats and chocolate can offer.

Looking for something a little different? Something a little peanut buttery? Our peanut butter bomb is absolutely going to be one of the best gluten free cookies you’ve ever experienced. Or… check out our lemon pop and oatmeal cranberry gluten free cookies. And don’t forget the fan-favorite: loaded oatmeal.

Here’s the best thing about our gluten free cookies: they’re made of healthier, clean ingredients, so they’re actually a better choice than regular cookies. When you’re ready to try the best gluten free cookies ever made, just order them right here online, or find them at finer retailers in the Wisconsin and Chicago area. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to see cookie-making videos, get recipes, and more. Join our mailing list for special offers!

Order Cookies Online

If you’re ready to try Naked Baker products, you can order cookies, right here, right now! All of our sweet treats are made by hand in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are baked to order, packaged by hand and then delivered quickly to your door—so they taste freshly baked and are soft and chewy.

When you open each individually wrapped cookie, the aroma of fresh baked cookies will fill your senses. When you sink your teeth into each cookie, your tastebuds will awaken and thank you.
When you order our cookies online, your order will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail. We ship weekdays, Monday through Thursday and always ensure that your cookies are never in transit for more than 3 days. If you need to order cookies online and you’re in a rush, please call us at (414) 491-5885 – we can arrange for overnight shipping.

When you order cookies online at The Naked Baker, you can choose from special assortments and care packages, so you can send something special to your favorite gluten free person.

Buy Gluten Free Cookies

If you’re ready to buy gluten free cookies, you have definitely come to the right place. The Naked Baker has been on a mission to create the absolute best gluten free cookies the world has ever seen, and we proudly offer them for sale, right here on our website.

If you’re in the Milwaukee area, you can buy our gluten free cookies at select retailers. If your favorite store doesn’t have The Naked Baker gluten free cookies, please as the store Manager to bring them in. Just download and fill out our Product Request form here. Send us a quick email with the store information and we will contact the store and send them free samples! Help The Naked Baker fill the world with their gluten free goodness!

Gourmet Cookies for Delivery

The Naked Baker proudly offers gourmet cookies for delivery to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. Even better, all of our cookies are gluten free, so they are safe for people with celiac disease. We use only the finest ingredients when we make our gourmet cookies for delivery – that means nothing artificial and absolutely no GMO’s. Our high-quality cookies are the perfect choice for you and your family—even people who eat gluten will absolutely love them. They aren’t just for people who are gluten free. They’re so yummy, with unique flavors and a soft, chewy texture… people go nuts for them!

Here’s the best part: we offer gourmet cookies for delivery in special assortments, in gift arrangements, and more. You can choose from chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies and more. Order yours today!
Don’t forget to follow The Naked Baker on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to get cookie inspiration like recipes, baking videos, and more. Join our mailing list to get a discount code to save on our first order and to stay up to date on our latest products, special offers, and more.

Thanks for visiting The Naked Baker – home to the world’s best gluten free cookies. Please call us or email us anytime if you have any questions… and let’s get snacking!

Our History:

Gluten Free Cookies

Our story began with our founder and cookie-maker in chief. She knows how important it is for gluten free families to be able to enjoy the same treats… and that’s why she worked so hard to create a gluten free cookie that the whole family would love. Most people who try our gluten free cookies find it hard to believe that they actually are gluten free. Your entire family will love them!

Her journey towards gluten free cookie nirvana included recruiting an incredible team of cookie engineers… and whole lot of baking, experimenting, refining and perfecting. She tried ingredient after ingredient until she was able to discover the ultimate gluten free flour blend that would create the most amazing gluten free cookie recipes.

So she set out on a mission to create the tastiest gluten free cookies the world had ever seen. With her team of VFE’s (volunteer flavor engineers), the baking journey began. Gluten free cookie recipes were created, then altered, tweaked and embellished until just the right flavor magic was achieved. Finally, after countless baking sessions, dozens of gluten free cookies being sent to school for friends and teachers, and boxes of gluten free cookies being given away to neighbors and innocent bystanders, The Naked Baker Gluten Free Cookies were born.

It was important to us from the very beginning to make sure that our gluten free cookies were a healthier, better-for-you snacking choice. That’s why we use nothing artificial: no artificial colors, flavors or additives, just honest-to-goodness whole food ingredients from the finest sources – and of course, no GMO’s. Baked fresh by hand, they taste like they just came out of your own oven. Best of all, our gluten free cookies are celiac-safe.

Every single one of our gluten free cookies is made in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  We are a Woman Owned Business Enterprise, and we proudly support American jobs and American workers. As a family owned company, we will always be dedicated to our mission: to create the highest quality, best tasting gluten free cookies for you.  Find them for sale right here on this website, or purchase our gluten free cookies as select retailers in the Wisconsin and Chicago area. If you would like your retailer to start carrying our cookies, just simply fill out this Product Request form and give it to the Store Manager at your favorite grocery store.  Don’t forget to drop us a line with the store information so we can contact them and send them free samples too!

Make sure you follow us on social media for gluten free cookie recipes and special offers.

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