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Oh Sugar!

Gluten Free Sugar Cookie


anything-but-ho-hum vanilla

Never underestimate the power of classic, delightful sugar cookie. Topped with sparkling sugar, this buttery cookie melts in your mouth. Go on, get your taste buds caught in the cookie jar. (We won’t tell.)

Each dozen box contains 12 individually wrapped Oh Sugar! cookies.

Each dozen box contains 12 individually wrapped Oh Sugar! cookies.

All cookies are 2 oz in weight.  Total product weight is 1 lb 8 oz.


Do you love the sweet, craveable taste of sugar cookies? Are you a gluten free eater or shopper who has searched far and wide to find gluten free sugar cookies that taste just as good as traditional ones? We know that the struggle is real… and that the quest can seem endless. But here’s some good news! At the Naked Baker, we have perfected the recipe for the best soft and chewy gluten free sugar cookies that not only taste as good as other sugar cookies… they taste even better!

Our story begins with a cookie enthusiast who wanted to create a gluten free sugar cookie that was just as delicious as the homemade, buttery, vanilla-y traditional sugar cookies that her grandma made for her when she was growing up. She wanted to replicate that cookie and make a gluten free sugar cookie that everyone can enjoy equally, whether or not they are gluten free. When looking at the gluten free sugar cookies at the grocery store, most of them are either frozen or in a box, full of preservatives so they will last a year or more. And they are hard, dry and crunchy – not the soft, melt-in-your-mouth sugar cookies that everyone craves. Her mission was to create a line of gluten free cookies that are freshly baked, soft and chewy and delicious all while maintaining a clean label and being free of any preservatives. Why should gluten free people have to suffer and not have delicious, freshly baked sweet treats to eat? No one wants to constantly be going to the grocery store to buy frozen desserts or always eat a hard, crunchy cookie out of a box. That’s not living!

So the quest to invent the perfect gluten free sugar cookie began. She recruited a team of cookie fanatics that would help with the taste testing and flavor profiling. Not only did she find gluten free people, but she also involved many people who are not gluten free as she thought that they would be the best people to give good feedback on all of the different cookie iterations. After all, people that are not gluten free don’t have to suffer through dry, sandy, gritty cookies that taste like cardboard. They are able to eat really tasty food and know what really good cookies taste like. She knew that they would be the most honest about what tasted good and what tasted bad.

That’s why she recruited her friends… her family… and everyone she knew who loved the clean, buttery and vanilla-y taste of a good sugar cookie to help her experiment with and taste her recipe formulations. She started with her grandmother’s sugar cookie recipes, the one she knew and loved from her childhood. It was tweaked and refined until, finally, they felt like they got everything just right. The Naked Baker team knew they had found it: gluten free sugar cookies that everyone can love. In fact, more people who try our gluten free sugar cookies refuse to believe that they are actually gluten free, which, to us, is the ultimate compliment!

Of course, creating these amazing gluten free sugar cookies starts with the cleanest, most natural ingredients – the purest vanilla and the creamiest butter – that’s exactly what we use at The Naked Baker. We carefully search to find the tastiest, artisan ingredients that have names you can actually pronounce: like butter and eggs. We never use any hydrogenated oils or artificial emulsifiers. We never use GMO’s, never use artificial flavors, colorings and any artificial ingredients whatsoever. Our Oh Sugar gluten free sugar cookies are topped with a gentle sprinkling of sugar crystals, to make them sparkle, give them a delicate sugar crunch and that delightful vanilla sugar cookie flavor. The ingredients we use include: wheat-free flour blend (white rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch), unsalted butter, granulated cane sugar, eggs, pure vanilla extract, xanthan gum, baking soda, salt. Please be aware that our gluten free sugar cookies do contain butter and eggs, in case you or someone you love has food allergies.

The Naked Baker is a game changer for gluten free people as we provide that freshly baked cookie experience that everyone can enjoy. No more buying crunchy cookies that are full of preservatives so they will last a year or more. No more buying frozen cookies that are dried out and crumbly when they are thawed. The Naked Baker has created that freshly baked cookie experience that every gluten free person is craving. We know that you may feel like you have been missing out when it comes to finding gluten free desserts that actually taste good. The Naked Baker has changed that forever! No more sacrificing flavor to be gluten free. No more taste and texture that is dry and gritty and tastes like cardboard. Now you can experience treats that are gloriously gluten free and full of flavor.

Are you ready to give our gluten free sugar cookies a try? You can order them right here online, or find our products at select stores in the southeastern Wisconsin area..

Wheat-free flour blend (white rice flour, brown rice flour, tapioca starch, potato starch), unsalted butter, granulated cane sugar, eggs, pure vanilla extract, xanthan gum, baking soda, salt. CONTAINS: Milk and eggs.


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Best Gluten Free Sugar Cookies

Ready to experience the best gluten free sugar cookies you’ve ever tasted? Well good news—your quest is over! The Naked Baker is proud to offer the world the softest, chewiest and most flavorful sugar cookies you can find.

We are proud to be an American business, Woman owned and operated right here in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. That means we help support American jobs in these tough economic times, and proudly offer our communities healthier, gluten free snacks that are made from the cleanest, highest quality ingredients we can find. Our mission is to help families feel a little bit more together — and to empower gluten free eaters to feel like they have a whole new line of choices for snacking options.

To make sure the best gluten free sugar cookies arrive at your door tasting just as good as if they had just come from the oven, we use only USPS Priority Mail. Your cookies are made fresh to order, and we ship only Monday through Thursday, so that they never sit in a warehouse over the weekend. We can also ship to Military Addresses – and if you need faster shipping, please just call us or email us and we will try our best to accommodate your needs..

Check out why people say our gluten free sugar cookies really are the best by following the Naked Baker on social media, via Instagram and Facebook. You’ll stay up to date on all of our sweet cookie and brownie creations, find recipes, cooking videos, gluten free tips and tricks, and so much more.

Gluten Free Soft Sugar Cookies

At the Naked Baker, we truly believe that we have created the best gluten free, soft and chewy sugar cookies that the world has even seen. It’s our pride and joy to be able to offer them up to gluten free people everywhere. You can order them right here through our online store. Want to gift our gluten free soft sugar cookies to somebody? Take a peek at our selection of cookie and brownie assortments. They’re such a thoughtful gift to give to the gluten free person that you love… and they are perfect for birthdays, holidays, parties, graduations and more. Plus, we offer gluten free cookie care packages, for your college students, sleep away campers, and more. If you’d like to encourage your favorite store to carry our gluten free soft and chewy sugar cookies, we have this product request form that you can fill out and give to the store manager at your favorite grocery store to help them connect with us. Please let them know that we will be delighted to talk to them and will send them some FREE cookies to try. Don’t forget to send us an email with the store information so we can get in touch with them to tell them about The Naked Baker products. Here’s a sweet treat: you can join our exclusive mailing list and get a discount code to use on your very first order of gluten free soft sugar cookies. Have any questions? Just call the Naked Baker at (414) 491-5885 or email us anytime at
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