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When you’re ready to try Naked Baker products, you can order our goodies right here, right now! All of our sweet treats are handcrafted in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They are baked to order, packaged by hand and then delivered quickly to your door – so they last fresh, soft and chewy!

When you order online, your order will be shipped by UPS Mail. We ship weekdays, Tuesday and Wednesdays so your cookies are never in transit for more than 3 days. If you need to order online and you’re in a rush, please email us at info@thenakedbakercookies – someone will get back to you so we can arrange for overnight shipping. 

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If you’re in the Milwaukee area, you can buy our gluten free cookies at select retailers.

If your favorite store doesn’t have The Naked Baker products, lets change that! Simply download and fill out our Product Request form, give it to the store manger and send us an email letting us know you did so! (that way we know who to thank)


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