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Gluten Free Corporate Gifts

When it comes to gluten free corporate gifts, it can sometimes be hard to find options. Since we are one of America’s fastest growing gluten free bakers, we thought it might help to assemble a list of a few of our favorite options. Check out gluten free corporate gifts below: 

The Brownie-topia – Show your team how much you appreciate them by sailing away to brownie paradise. Gluten free, and packed with caramel, chocolate chunk and chocolate chip brownies. 

Oatmeal Lovers – Unless you’re too busy filling out TPS reports, you’ll love this gluten free corporate gift, which includes monster cookies, oatmeal cookies and cranberry cookies. 

The Ultimate Sampler Pack – Make anyone in your office happy with gluten free cookies and brownies in flavors from chocolate, vanilla peanut butter and oatmeal.

Chips and Chunks – Liven up your next corporate meeting with this gluten free sample platter, featuring Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookies and Chocolate Chunk brownies. 

Corporate Food Gifts

Adding to the list above, you can also find some yummy corporate food gifts at The Naked Baker, with choices that include gluten free cookies and brownies, care packages, assortment platters and beyond. What makes food gifts from The Naked Baker such a thoughtful choice? For one, they are all handmade, literally in the founder’s kitchen, from personal recipes. You can’t buy Naked Baker cookies and brownies in stores outside of Wisconsin, so they are unique. And if you have someone on your team, or in your company, that eats gluten free, there’s no better way to show that you appreciate them than with corporate food gifts.

Best Corporate Food Gifts

Of course, the best corporate food gifts are usually chosen for holidays, work anniversaries, or special occasions like a company anniversary. At The Naked Baker, you can find so many choices for giving corporate food gifts, and if you need to place a bulk order, they will work with you to make it easy. Just call them at (414) 491-5885 or contact them via email at info@thenakedbakercookies.

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