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Lemon Cookies

At the Naked Baker, we aim to tantalize the taste buds of all discerning cookie lovers. If you are a lemon lover, have we got something for you! We have created the ultimate gluten-free lemon cookie recipe that makes the yummiest, softest, chewiest lemon cookies you’ve ever tasted (or dare we say anyone has ever tasted!). We can’t wait until you try them and let us know what you think!

Gluten Free Cookie Assortments

  • Thinking of You

    3 cookies, 2 brownies
  • A Taste of Fall

    3 Cookies, 2 Brownies
  • The Ultimate Sampler Pack

    12 cookies, 3 brownies
  • The Sweet Spot

    9 cookies, 3 brownies
  • Brownie-topia

    8 Brownies & 4 Blondies
  • Fall Flavors Collection

    9 Cookies, 3 Brownies
  • Chocolate Therapy

    2 cookies, 3 brownies

Best Gluten Free Lemon Cookies

The Naked Baker
Here’s what you will find in our gluten-free lemon cookies: only the highest-quality, whole-food ingredients. Here’s what you won’t find: GMOs, artificial flavors, artificial coloring, artificial ingredients of any kind! Our artisanal cookies taste like they just came out of your own oven – because we bake every single order after it’s been placed, from scratch, right here in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our team of cookie makers and bakers only ship your gluten-free lemon cookies Monday-Thursday, so your order never sits in a warehouse over the weekend.

Are you ready to take the next step in this relationship and experience our gluten-free lemon cookies? Order your first batch of cookies here, online, or find them at select stores throughout Wisconsin. To put in a request for your favorite store to carry our gluten-free lemon cookies, download and fill out our Product Request form here. If your store calls us, we’ll even send them some free cookies to help convince them. How sweet is that?

Lemon Poppy Seed Cookies

If you’re a gluten-free eater who loves lemon poppy seed cookies, we know the struggle to find a cookie that meets your dietary needs AND is truly delicious is real. You crave that sweet, tangy taste… but all the gluten-free options you’ve tried fall short of the mark. Well, we have good news – your search has come to an end! At the Naked Baker, we have created and perfected the recipe that produces the most amazing-tasting, gluten-free lemon poppy seed cookies, and you can buy them right here on our website.

Our story began about four years ago in Milwaukee, when our chief cookie maker became determined to create gluten-free cookies that the whole family could enjoy together.

She recruited a like-minded team of cookie makers and together they created and refined each recipe for their gluten-free goodies, including these refreshing lemon poppy seed cookies. The Naked Baker proudly offers these chewy, gooey creations to the world – making gluten-free treats so good that you may just have to keep the nutrition label on hand to prove that they really are gluten-free!

Order your first batch of lemon poppy seed cookies from our online store. Or, to mix it up, check out the assortment packages we offer. And when you leave here, don’t forget to follow the Naked Baker on social media, including Facebook and Instagram, to get updates, including recipes, cooking videos, snacking inspirations and so much more. Join our mailing list to receive special offers, including a discount code good for your very first order.

Thanks for visiting the Naked Baker – you can reach us by email or phone anytime you have questions. We’re happy to help!

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