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Gluten Free 4th Of July Desserts

This 4th of July the true fireworks are going to happen when cookies meet brownies. It’s the eternal struggle between two the two reigning kings of snacking… the yummy, crumby goodness of a gluten free cookie, or the smooth, sumptuously delicious taste of a gluten free brownie. But what if you didn’t have to choose? What if you could get both cookies and brownies for your gluten free 4th of July desserts? It might just be the best…4th…of…July…EVER!
  • Best Sellers

    12 Cookies
  • Brownie-topia

    8 Brownies & 4 Blondies
  • The Sweet Spot

    9 cookies, 3 brownies
  • The Ultimate Sampler Pack

    12 cookies, 3 brownies
  • Thinking of You

    3 cookies, 2 brownies

Best 4th Of July Desserts Ever

Enjoy the very best 4th of July desserts ever when you order gluten free cookies and brownies from The Naked Baker. As a family owned company, that still cooks all of our products in our family kitchen, we use the recipes that we created to handcraft the yummiest gluten free treats ever. Whether you love cookies, or adore brownies, we guarantee that the items we bake specially for your order will be the best 4 of July dessert ever.
Questions about ordering at The Naked Baker? Just drop us a line anytime at We are happy to help you out with any questions you have, and we even take bulk and wholesale orders. We ship our desserts out the same day you order, if you order before 11am CST, and we only ship Monday through Wednesday, so our treats never sit in a mailing facility over the weekends. Want to enjoy our cookies and brownies warm? Just pop them in the microwave for about 12 seconds. Want to freeze them so they are around for a while. Go right ahead, they will stay fresh for about a month. Thank you for shopping at The Naked Baker. As a family owned business, we truly appreciate each and every customer and hope you have the safest, best 4th of July ever.

4th Of July Brownie Desserts

Making a list for your 4th of July celebration? Don’t forget the 4th of July brownie desserts. At The Naked Baker, we have the best gluten free brownies you will ever taste. From blondie brownies to chocolate brownies to caramel and vanilla, our gluten free goodies will be make your 4th of July truly special. Whether you’re throwing a party, bringing some goodies to a friend’s, or want to send a gift to family across the country, our 4th of July brownie desserts are the perfect choice.

4th of July Desserts

Looking for ideas for 4th of July desserts? How about brownies and cookies, all gloriously gluten free, from The Naked Baker? We have assortment platters, care packages and so many choices of gluten free cookies and brownies. You can pick out the 4th of July desserts that are right for you, have them shipped anywhere in the country, and you can even add a personalized greeting if you are giving them as a gift. It’s a great way to have your gluten free cookies and brownies—and eat them too. Thanks for shopping at The Naked Baker, a family owned business that truly appreciates every order you place.

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