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Top Gluten Free Cookies To Buy

When it comes to buying gluten free cookies, the struggle is real. You’ve been to all the fancy schmancy organic stores and specialty shops. But the gluten free cookies you find there can sometimes literally taste like sand. They don’t have that the right texture, give the same mouth feel, or provide the same snacking sassifaction. 

But Naked Baker cookies are quite literally baked to be different. The entire reason this little bakery exists is that the founder (and owner) got fed up with the poor quality of other gluten free treats. Since her family had gluten free eaters, they decided to literally create their own recipes for gluten free treats like cookies and brownies. After uncounted rounds of bake offs and taste tests, they wound up with a unique combination of ingredients that offers folks the chance to enjoy the top gluten free cookies you can buy. 

What’s the secret ingredient? The ingredients! The Naked Baker uses only the freshest hand-picked whole foods, like milk, butter and eggs. That makes their cookies naturally gluten free. But even more important, The Naked Baker created their very own type of gluten free flour. With a blend of rice flour, potato flour, tapioca starch and xanthan gum, this unique flour gives their gluten free cookies a rich, sinfully delicious taste and texture. They are quiet unlike any other gluten free cookies, making them without a doubt one of the top gluten free cookies to buy. 

Best Gluten Free Cookies To Buy

Founded in the same kitchen that they still work out of every single day, Naked Baker cookies are some of the best gluten free cookies to buy. Baked from scratch when you place your order, these decadent cookies come in sample platters, as care packages, in variety packs and more. They use only natural ingredients, nothing artificial – ever! The mission at The Naked Baker is to create classic cookies that taste just like the ooey and gooey cookies that used to come out of your Grandma’s oven (maybe they still do). Each and every one is baked with love – from recipes that were literally developed by a family working together to create something special. 

The Naked Baker is also proud to be a female owned, American company. Because their kitchen is 100% wheat free, their snacks are also safe for folks with Celiac disease. 

Gluten Free Cookies To Buy

So when you’re looking for the very best gluten free cookies to buy, consider The Naked Baker. You can order your cookies online, choosing from flavors like chocolate chip, peanut butter, sugar, oatmeal and more. You can also find Naked Baker gluten free cookies at select retailers in the Wisconsin area.

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