Gluten-Free bakery brand is changing the way consumers shop by bringing fresh-baked, clean label, gluten-free options to the bakery department.
NEW BERLIN, WIS – The Naked Baker, a clean-label brand of gluten-free cookies, is changing the in-store bakery department by offering a full lineup of fresh gluten-free bakery.  Recognizing that the center store is shrinking, the brand identified a lack of gluten-free desserts available in the store perimeter and decided it was time to shake up the offerings. “Gluten-free consumers are missing being able to enjoy fresh bakery.  They don’t want to be limited to desserts that come in a box or out of a frozen case.” states Susan Knutson, founder of The Naked Baker.  “We have created a product that is different.  It tastes fresh baked and soft, just like something you would get at a bakery.  We are giving the gluten-free consumer a new option to satisfy their dessert craving where it belongs – in fresh bakery.”
The Naked Baker product creation was centered around gluten free, however, traditional consumers are enjoying them just as much. It’s not so much that gluten free is needed, it is that the cookies are clean label with less processed ingredients which is an added bonus for those shoppers looking for healthier options.  By attracting these two consumer groups to shop fresh, The Naked Baker is helping in-store bakery departments drive sales growth.  The gluten-free consumer just needs to be reintroduced to the fresh bakery department as previously, there has been nothing there for them to buy,
With current trends showing that the general public considers food without gluten an option for healthier eating, The Naked Baker fits right in.  Additionally, their thoughtful ingredient selection and their commitment to clean label and non-GMO continues to satisfy consumers. “We pride ourselves on our ingredient list that has nothing you can’t pronounce and is “naked” of all the bad stuff.  Compare our label to others on the shelf and you will see that we are committed to providing a product that is less processed and more natural,” says Knutson.
Anne Vedder, Director of Purchasing at Outpost Natural Foods Coop in Milwaukee, WI expressed these thoughts. “The Naked Baker is one of the best formulations for frozen to retail shelf baked goods that we and our customers have ever tasted!  Flavor and texture taste fresh-baked and homemade.  The Naked Baker rivals virtually all other products in this class, including those made with gluten.”
About The Naked Baker
Founded in 2016, this founder-led brand has developed a product line of fresh-baked gluten free bakery that is changing the way gluten free consumers shop.  All of their products are clean label, non GMO, free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors – they’re “naked” of all the bad stuff.  These frozen to retail shelf treats are designed to be merchandised in the fresh bakery department of grocery stores. The Naked Baker offers a full product line-up of gluten free cookies and brownies in fun and delicious flavors that are not currently available elsewhere in the marketplace.
The flavor mix includes:  sea salt chocolate chip, peanut butter bomb, monster, oatmeal cranberry, loaded oatmeal, chocolate chocolate chunk and sugar.  They also offer a soft and chewy chocolate chip blondie and decadent brownies in two flavors – chocolate chunk and caramel.  Cookies are offered for sale in 7.5 ounce, 5 cookie packages as well as single 2.2 ounce cookies.  Brownies and blondies are 3-ounce packages.
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