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Gluten Free Easter Cookies

What’s Easter without cookies? For folks with gluten sensitivities, the question is, what’s Easter without gluten free cookies? Too many times, those of us who need to avoid gluten find ourselves shut out from holiday feasts, especially when it comes time for desert. All those yummy cakes, pies, brownies and of course cookies, but all loaded with gluten.

Hopping Good Gluten Free Easter Cookies

At The Naked Baker, we were inspired to create the very best gluten free snacks in the world, so that everyone could snack together, especially on Easter and Christmas. Our gluten free Easter cookies are so delicious, so crave-a-licious, and also just plain nutritious, since they are made from the finest whole foods that we can find. Our gluten free Easter cookies contain old fashioned ingredients… like eggs, milks, butter. We handpick it all ourselves, mix it up in our actual kitchen (at home), and add our special gluten free flour to make our Easter cookies taste just like homemade. 

Order gluten free Easter cookies in so many different flavors: chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar, peanut butter and more. No matter what you have a craving for, we have your fix. It will be the most delicious Easter ever, and we will be proud to help you start a new family tradition. Pick you your gluten free Easter cookies today. 

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