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Gluten Free Christmas Cookie

The Naked Baker is America’s #1 gluten free bakery, with a wide assortment of the most delicious gluten free snacks you can find. And while we have delighted so many families with our yummy gluten free brownies and cookies, this year we are beyond happy to be able to add gluten free Christmas cookies to our site.

Gluten Free Christmas Cookies


Christmas is such a special time of the year. The whole family is together, whether in person or in your hearts, and sharing a Christmas feast is such an important part of the occasion. But too often, when it comes time to the best part of the meal (dessert, in our humble opinion), gluten free eaters feel left out. All those cakes, all those pies… all that gluten L. It can be so, so frustrating. That’s why we decided to create recipes for the very best gluten free Christmas cookies you can eat. Choose from our traditional flavors, like our chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, or add a holiday favorite like our gluten free sugar cookies, our gluten free peppermint chocolate cookies, and our gluten free gingerbread cookies. There are so many choices… and so many ways to enjoy them. Put them out on a plate, leave them out for Santa, or send them as a gift with a personalized note, right here at The Naked Baker.

We started The Naked Baker in our very own kitchen, which is where we still bake all of our cookies and brownies to this very day. Each and every recipe that we use is uniquely our own, created the old fashioned way, on note cards and with a ton of trial and error. Our taste testers were our very own family members (because we are a gluten free family too), and we only used the freshest, best tasting whole foods with names you can actually pronounce. Like milk, eggs, vanilla, butter and so many others. We never use artificial ingredients or preservatives, and our kitchen is completely free of gluten and wheat, so that all of our snacks are safe for folks with Celiac disease.

We bake every batch of gluten free Christmas cookies fresh to order, so they are never sitting around on a shelf. We vacuum seal them as soon as they come out of the oven, and ship them out the same day for orders placed before 11am CST. We only ship Monday through Wednesday, so orders are never stuck in a mail facility over the weekend, losing their fresh from the oven flavor.

The Naked Baker team is honored that you are considering us as your gluten free bakery – our mission is to help folks just like enjoy a more delicious, more nutritious way to snack. Questions about our Gluten free Christmas cookies? Just email us anytime at Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter, and follow us on social media for recipes, news and gluten free cooking tips, and so much more.

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