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College Care Package

Cure the homesickness by sending College care packages to your favorite college students. The transition from high school to college can be difficult. For many, moving to college comes the first time living away from home. The opportunity to navigate the newfound independence and responsibility also can come with missing home. What better way to help cure their homesickness than to send them a gluten free college care package. Your college student will be thrilled to receive their gluten free care package in the mail and will be so happy to get your “we are thinking about you” gluten free gift.

Thoughtful College Care Packages

The Naked Baker

We make it easy to send a college care package.  All you have to do is select the assortment of your choice, add your special gift message and we will take care of the rest.  It may be a hard choice as we have so many delicious options!  Whether it’s your son or daughter, niece or nephew, grandchild or just a family friend that’s gone off to school, the care package that you send will mean the world to them. If the student is gluten free, you will have scored some big bonus points as we know that we are one of the few businesses that make really good gluten free sweet treats.  You have probably experienced the frustration of finding college care packages that fit their dietary needs. That’s where The Naked Baker can make your life a whole lot easier.

At the Naked Baker, we have perfected the art of baking up scrumptious gluten free desserts and treats that taste just as good as traditional choices. People all over are raving about our soft and chewy gluten free cookies and brownies. Now, we’ve taken all those treats and collected them into the best college care packages that you’ll ever find.

Our gluten free assortments include choices of cookie and brownie arrangements, with the option to add a special message right on our website. You can order your college care package filled with gluten free desserts right now on The Naked Baker website.  We will bake them fresh, carefully package them into our signature gift box and ship them straight to the recipient that same day… 

Are you ready to have your college care package sent to that special student? Order online, or call us or email us anytime if you have any questions. If you need expedited shipping, just give us a call and we will work with you the best we can to meet your needs.

Gluten Free College Care Packages

Looking for gluten free college care packages to send to your favorite university students? You’re in luck, because at The Naked Baker we have an outrageous assortment of the most craveable, soft and chewy gluten free cookies and brownies you will ever find, all arranged into thoughtful assortments that can be shipped anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. 

At The Naked Baker, we take pride in using the finest, whole food ingredients in all of our gluten free creations. We use all natural, non-GMO ingredients with names that you can actually pronounce… like milk, butter, vanilla and eggs! Plus, we never add artificial ingredients, artificial colorings, additives or preservatives. 

Because we want your gluten free college care packages to arrive tasting as fresh as if you had just baked them yourself, we ship through USPS Priority Shipping. Every care package is made fresh to order, and we ship Mondays through Thursday only, to ensure that your gluten free college care packages are never sitting around in a shipping warehouse over the weekends, losing all of their fresh baked goodness. 

After you choose your delicious assortment, make sure you add a special message to your gluten free care package before you close out your order.  We will put your message on a special gift card, insert it into your care package cookie gift, and we will send them that same day.  We will make sure they are a special gift.  And, as always, all of the cookies and brownies at The Naked Baker are gloriously gluten free! 

Want to stay up to date with the Naked Baker? Don’t forget to join our social media feeds, including our Facebook and Instagram pages. We love to share recipes, gluten free baking  tips and tricks and just good old gluten free snacking inspirations. Check us out!

College Care Package Ideas

Need college care packages ideas for the gluten free student in your life? Choose from our awesome assortment of gluten free cookie and brownie collections.  We have something for everyone!  Choose the Chocoholic for the lover of everything chocolate.  For those that love oatmeal cookies, we have our Oatmeal Lovers collection that features our three cookies that are loaded with oatmeal along with a special bonus of our best selling chocolate chip sea salt cookie,  And, if you can decide between cookies or brownies, you might want to try our Chips and Chunks collection that features a combination of our two top selling treats – our chocolate chip cookies and our chocolate chunk brownies.  Or you can just keep it classic with our Best Sellers and our Classics assortments… 

All of our college care package ideas are gluten free, safe for students with celiac disease, and taste so good that all of their friends will want to eat them too.  You just may want to send extras for sharing!  Everyone who tries them does not believe that they actually are gluten free – and that’s the music to our ears. Our inspiration is to provide the gluten free community with sweet treats that are so good, traditional gluten eaters will get jealous. And that’s exactly what we hope to do with the college care package that we put together just for you. 

Don’t forget to join our mailing list for an exclusive code that will help you save on your very first order. And thanks for visiting The Naked Baker, your home for the yummiest gluten free college care packages around!

Buy Gluten Free Cookies

If you’re ready to buy gluten free cookies, you have definitely come to the right place. The Naked Baker has been on a mission to create the absolute best gluten free cookies the world has ever seen, and we proudly offer them for sale, right here on our website.

If you’re in the Milwaukee area, you can buy our gluten free cookies at select retailers. If your favorite store doesn’t have The Naked Baker gluten free cookies, please as the store Manager to bring them in. Just download and fill out our Product Request form here. Send us a quick email with the store information and we will contact the store and send them free samples! Help The Naked Baker fill the world with their gluten free goodness!

Gourmet Cookies for Delivery

The Naked Baker proudly offers gourmet cookies for delivery to anywhere in the 48 contiguous United States. Even better, all of our cookies are gluten free, so they are safe for people with celiac disease. We use only the finest ingredients when we make our gourmet cookies for delivery – that means nothing artificial and absolutely no GMO’s. Our high-quality cookies are the perfect choice for you and your family—even people who eat gluten will absolutely love them. They aren’t just for people who are gluten free. They’re so yummy, with unique flavors and a soft, chewy texture… people go nuts for them!

Here’s the best part: we offer gourmet cookies for delivery in special assortments, in gift arrangements, and more. You can choose from chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter cookies, oatmeal cookies and more. Order yours today!
Don’t forget to follow the Naked Baker on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to get cookie inspiration like recipes, baking videos, and more. Join our mailing list to get a discount code to save on our first order and to stay up to date on our latest products, special offers, and more.

Thanks for visiting the Naked Baker – home to the world’s best gluten free cookies. Please call us or email us anytime if you have any questions… and let’s get snacking!

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